Ship Rates:
Carrier: USPS Standard Mail
Delivery time: 2 to 10 days (Alaska and Hawaii-up to 3 weeks)
If your order is-
$0.01-$10    Ship rate-$3.95
$10.01-$30.00   Ship Rate-$5.95
$30.01-$100.00   Ship Rate-$7.95
$100.01-$300.00  Ship Rate-$19.95
$300.01 and up   Ship Rate -$39.95

Carrier: USPS International Economy
Delivery time: 6 to 15 days
If your order is-
$0.01-$30.00   Ship Rate-$24.95
$30.01-$150.00   Ship Rate-$35.95
$150.01 and up   Ship Rate-$49.95

*After placing an order, it will take 2-3 days to process
We will email you the tracking number after your order leaves our warehouse.
You can then track your order by clicking the following link: .

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