Where’s My Stuff? 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Teen Organizing Guide


Where’s My Stuff? 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Teen Organizing Guide
Publisher:Zest Books
ISBN: 9781541578951
Item# 678951
Format: Trade Paper
# of pages:120

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A comprehensive guide for young adults on how to organize schoolwork, lockers, bedrooms, and even schedules. Take a quiz to identify your organizing style and get great advice about making decisions, purging closets, and creating the perfect space to relax, work, and store belongings. With fun and useful illustrations, easy-to-follow charts, and ample doses of humor, Where’s My Stuff? is an incredible asset for anyone who wants to get it together and keep it together, for good. Newly updated for readers living in a digital world, this 2nd edition includes tips on managing online files and backups, digital planners, and more. Written in collaboration with professional teen organizer Lesley Martin.

Samantha Moss is co-author of InSPAration, a book for teens on healthy living, and author of Pottery Barn Flowers and Pottery Barn Photos. Samantha is based in Oakland, California, where she lives with her husband, Boyd, and a shy little dog named Belly. To see what she’s up to, visit her online at samanthamoss.com

Lesley Martin is a professional academic coach and tutor. She lives with her family in San Francisco, California.

Michael Wertz is a commercial artist who creates images for books, products, ads, CDs, and movie trailers. He lives in Oakland, California, and teaches at the California College of the Arts in the illustration department.


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