Shipping Container Homes Guide for Beginners


How to plan for the construction of your container home, get your finances in order, and save money so you don’t get stuck midway.



How to plan for the construction of your container home, get your finances in order, and save money so you don’t get stuck midway. And more!
How to create your dream home for a low price, stop paying rent, and live comfortably in 9 weeks or less, even if you don’t have any building experience.
Would you like to build your family’s dream home without taking out an infinite mortgage? Are you worried that you may never afford to own a home because of the high market prices, and you can’t imagine paying rent forever? Do you want to own property at a low price and put it up on Airbnb for an extra source of income?
Your dream property is a shipping container away…
The global container home market is expected to reach $73 million by 2025, making now the perfect time to build these eco-friendly houses. They cost 20-30% less to build than traditional houses, and they also outlast them! You can modify them quickly and use your interior and exterior design creativity to spruce up the space.
All you need to start is $2,000 or less, and the wealth of information you’ll find inside.
Written for novice and experienced DIY enthusiasts, this is an A-to-Z guide to ensure your success in turning a plain shipping container into a beautiful home.
In Shipping Container Homes Guide For Beginners, you’ll discover:

  • How to plan for the construction of your container home, get your finances in order, and save money so you don’t get stuck midway
  • The how, what, and scope of container home regulations and zoning codes – featuring geo-specific requirements and the most favorable locations
  • An in-depth understanding of the aesthetics, performance, and cost of different types of containers and how to inspect them before buying
  • How to keep your home cozy irrespective of the season, including some innovative thermal control solutions
  • How to prepare for the delivery of your new shipping container home for a seamless installation process
  • The best foundations for container homes to ensure they are correctly grounded for guaranteed strength.
  • The utilities you need to install in your house – with stepwise guides, DIY fans can easily follow
  • The final touches your container home needs, and how to choose the best materials for guaranteed durability
  • Hacks to help prolong the lifespan of your container home, slow the depreciation rate, and maintain it in pristine condition

And so much more!
With over 300 million freight containers sitting empty at ports worldwide, you have a rare opportunity to turn a large metal box into your seventh heaven.
Thankfully, the process is much easier than it seems on paper, especially if you have access to the right tools and tricks, which you will find right inside.
Your cozy, peaceful space awaits – why wait any longer?

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