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Live a More Self Reliant Sustainable Lifestyle with Pure Freedom by Learning from Leading Experts Inside Self-Reliance Mastery


Nathan Crane, is a highly sought after lifestyle entrepreneur, speaker, award winning author, and conscious filmmaker. By the time Nathan turned 26 years old he published, shared stages with, and worked with dozens of world renowned experts and best selling authors such as; Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Gregg Braden, Jeffrey Smith, Sonia Choquette, Alan Cohen, Mike Adams, Guy Finley, and many others. He is the Founder of The Panacea Community, President of Panacea Publishing, Inc., Director of Panacea Life School, President of Integrated Health International, Director and Filmmaker of the Search for Sustainability Documentary Series, and serves on the board of California Citizens for Health Freedom. Nathan is dedicated to help all people experience higher levels of health, happiness, and fulfillment through online and in person educational conscious publishing programs, events, conferences, expos, projects, documentaries, books, and experiences. Nathan enjoys growing organic food, outdoor activities, time traveling with his wife and daughter, speaking to thousands of attendees at conferences and expos, and producing life changing events around the country. Connect with Nathan by visiting

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Live a More Self Reliant Sustainable Lifestyle with Pure Freedom by Learning from Leading Experts Inside Self-Reliance Mastery.Being injured is one thing, but being injured and not knowing how to take care of it yourself is another! Learn how to overcome migraines, survive a stroke or heart attack, reverse hypothermia, fix cavities and teeth decay, stop massive bleeding, clot internal bleeding, protect yourself against pandemic, virus, and bacteria, and so much more with these Super Herbs!If and When the Power Grid Fails, Do You Know How to Generate Your Own Electricity? Or How to Power Your Refrigerator from Your Car? What if you had all of the electricity you needed for any kind of survival situation.When the grid goes down, there are bare electrical essentials such as lights, warmth, and keeping food cold that you need to focus on. If you know how to generate just enough electricity to keep your essentials up, you will have a great chance of survival.Most people don’t know how to use solar effectively. They don’t realize how ineffective it is against things like Solar Storms and EMP attacks. Solar is certainly a powerful way to get more off the grid and be more energy independent, but do you know how to protect your solar so it lasts for many years? Or how to set your solar up so it’s safe, effective, and feeds all of your needs?We cover all of these subjects, and much more inside this book.Being self reliant helps you to be prepared for any kind of disaster or survival situation.But do you know what you need to have on hand at all times?What should you put in your go bag?Where would you go, how would you get there, and how long would you stay?It’s not about living in fear, but being smart and prepared for any kind of disaster whether natural or man-made, and you will learn all of this and a lot more during the interviews in this book.Knowing how much water you need for yourself and your family is key. One of our experts says you need a minimum of 2 gallons per person per day in a self-reliant or survival situation – minimum. Are you set up for that?Do you know the proper equipment to use? Learn all of this and more during the information available in the book.What if you could learn how to generate enough food for your family in only one hour per day of gardening? And what about the long term food production with little maintenance such as food forests?Learning these permaculture skills will not only help you live more self reliant and be healthier, but could potentially save your life in the event of a food shortage spread nationwide.And a lot more!

Author: Nathan Crane
ISBN: 9780991470037
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