Productive Homeschooling: Our Unconventional, Accelerated, Debt-free, Values-centered Journey


Productive Homeschooling: Our Unconventional, Accelerated, Debt-free, Values-centered Journey
Publisher: Gatekeeper Press
ISBN: 9781642378696
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Format: Hardcover
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The Cespedes parents, Jan and Vicki, and all 5 of their daughters, Ivana (23), Belicia (22), Briana (20), Giana (19) and Eliana (9) share memories of their homeschool journey and how they were able to accomplish amazing achievements while still so young. They will each share thoughts about their philosophy of education, daily routines, the things they enjoyed most, the things they would have done differently, books and resources they used, tips for acceleration, etc. The father, Jan Cespedes, who is suffering with terminal cancer, wanted to write this as a legacy book and a tribute to his wife and daughters. Vulnerability and transparency are seen throughout the story of parents who felt inept to take on such a daunting task as the home educating of their daughters and more importantly of the discipleship of their hearts.

About the Author:

Jan and Vicki Cespedes were high school sweethearts. Although they both had good, caring teachers, they came out of the conventional education system feeling inept and sorely unprepared for life. Their newfound Christian faith transformed them by giving meaning and purpose to their lives. They held fast to the refreshing truth that guided them, especially when they started having children, 5 precious daughters, Ivana, Belicia, Briana, Giana and Eliana. They had no idea how to be parents, let alone educate them, yet they had an undeniable conviction that they should home educate their daughters so that they could devote themselves to the discipleship of their hearts for Jesus. This led the way to a homeschooling experience that was productive beyond their dreams, including reading early, graduating early, and breaking the age ceilings in their various fields of study including Nutrigenomics, Accounting, Business, Law, and American Sign Language. However, they are most grateful for the internal beauty they see in the character of their daughters, which they consider the greatest success of all.


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