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"Let your light so shine before men
that they may see your good works and
glorify your Father in heaven."
Matthew 5:16


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 So YouThink You're Not Important? Are You Kidding?
A Bible Study for the Mis-Informed 

PRAIZIN His Name-A His Kids Adventure

We're All Gods Children-A His Kids Adventure

Do You Know That God Made You Special?

by His Grace Tracts

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by His Grace ©2014 TRACTS
from Campfield and Campfield Publishing    New editions to be released early 2018

../../../../Pictures/What Are You Waiting For_with shadow.jpgWhat Are You Waiting For?
 by His Grace Tracts © 2014 Campfield and Campfield Publishing

Summary: Turn your life around and give your life to Him.
From the tract -How can we as mere humans ever understand God's will for our lives and understand it from God's perspective? For God tells us in Isaiah 55:8 - "For my thoughts are not your thoughts nor are your ways my ways." So how do we then understand ....
    ST# 10001   
dont worry cv with shadow.jpgDon't Worry_Put Your Hope In His Everlasting Love

by His Grace  Tracts © 2014 Campfield and Campfield Publishing

Summary: You are priceless in God's eyes.

from the tract - What days aren't loaded with troubles? Your grown child is rushed to the hospital with respiratory problems; another is financially strapped; uncertain employment, unemployed family members; low on cash leaves the choice between medication or little food for the family - as they say, 'more month at the end of the money'; tension at work; tension at church; tension at home because of tension at work, at church and no money!
All you want to do is fall into the safety of your Heavenly Father's arms and .....


worth with shadow 2.jpgHow Much Are You Worth?
by His Grace  Tracts © 2014 Campfield and Campfield Publishing

Summary:  Don't be afraid to come to God.

from the tract - Have you ever asked yourself that question?
Most of us probably have. At some time, we all consider our self-worth.
If you base your answer on how the world sees you, just look at.....


say yes cv with shadow.jpgSay Yes To The Wonder Of His Love 
by His Grace  Tracts © 2014 Campfield and Campfield Publishing

Summary: God made everything and that includes you.

from the tract -God made us in His image.
Wow! Think about that!
Our Heavenly Father Who has made all things from the sun, a ***** mile mass of glowing hydrogen that warms the earth, wakes us at dawn and lights our days; to the 70,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 estimated stars......


QUICKSAND cv with shadow.jpgQUICKSAND 
by His Grace  Tracts ©2014 Campfield and Campfield Publishing

Summary: When life gets overwhelming and seems to drag you under, let go of the world and reach for God's hand.

from the tract - Do you feel like the world is one big ocean of quicksand and its pulling you down with a force so strong that you can barely take in a breath of fresh air above the quagmire? Let Go.  I know it's hard.  But just let go.
Let go of your frustrations and your nervousness, your doubt and your aggravation and your worry.
And reach out to God...